Robotic Process Automation

Robotic processes and automation are being applied in multiple industrial domains so far. From vehicle manufacturing to microchip production the presence of advanced robotics is expanding while reducing expenditures for enterprises and racking in more profit. What if this is not the only place where such automation can be applied? At Uvionics Tech the process of robotic automation is not just used like that. For us, RPA refers to the process of automating business operations to reduce human intervention. When it comes to an enterprise or business conglomerate there exist multiple tasks that are repetitive - both time & resource consuming. The robotic process automation technology we bring in can help organizations can not only perform better but also enable their digital transformation. Here are some of the benefits we bring to you.

  • Enable better customer service
  • Ensure that business operations and processes comply with regulations and standards
  • Allows processes to be completed rapidly
  • Improve efficiency by digitizing and auditing process data
  • Cost saving methodology for manual and repetitive tasks
  • Increase employee productivity

We partner with enterprises to help in achieving objectives for automation initiatives. With multiple comprehensive packages and processes, our end-to-end services help in automating the Business Process as well as the IT operations. Our expert engineers can provide you with advanced capabilities in RPA, Machine Learning, Chatbot, and rapid API integrations. From defining strategies to continuous improvement, innovation, implementation, automation, integration, and support, we back you up in your business endeavor.

We offer dedicated RPA specialists, experienced in delivering solutions in all vertical industries majorly to financial services, insurance, e-commerce, healthcare etc. we have a proven ability to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts through our excellent frameworks and exclusive programming. We have excelled in creating builds and proofs of concepts for different industry verticals. Our product specialists deliver end-to-end flexible support services, that evolve your accelerators for every lifecycle phase, which can be modified to suit customer requirements.

Know how we offer robotic process automation services for your varied business requirements, and how we help in your business ventures here.

  • Customer Care

    We automate call center tasks, like verifying e-signatures, customer chats, uploading scanned documents and verifying information for automatic approvals or rejections.

  • Supply Management

    Procurement, order processing, payments, monitoring inventory levels and tracking shipments can be simplified.

  • Customer Analysis

    By analyzing the customer buy, sell and interaction record we create accessible models that show past and future customer behavior. This provides you with an opportunity to plan your marketing strategies for each segment of clients.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Behavioral targeting is that the users who have similar search or browsing behaviors will have similar interests and thus have a higher probability to click on similar advertisement over the users with different online behavior. Different machine learning algorithms are used to mine data and predict online visitors’ behavior. This process is completely automated once its started and can provide support and suggestions, to you as the keywords and its use percentage changes, so that you can renew your marketing strategies.

  • Financial Services

    We provide multiple automated financial services for enterprises that can be applied to automate processes for foreign exchange payments, account openings & closings, manage audit requests, and processing insurance claims.

  • Healthcare

    Medical organizations can handle patient records, claims, customer support, account management, billing, reporting, analytics, staff management, equipment stock check, schedules, and much more.

  • HR Management

    You can automate HR tasks, including onboarding and offboarding, employee information updates, timesheet submission processes, project statuses, leave management, salary, promotions & demotions, company activities & processes etc.

  • Product Monitoring

    Our online services also include competition monitoring or brand monitoring as a service. Based on big data, we provide customers with structured reports as well as current notifications according to individual criteria of a brand or a particular product.