Healthcare Analytics

Health analytics derive insights from patterns, repetitions, symptoms, and correlations, found in healthcare data, and is used to make better healthcare decisions. When it comes to real-life situations it extends beyond data management to find meaning in real-time or historical data, and make predictions.

We at Uvionics Tech focuses on offering insights into patient records, hospital management, costs, diagnoses, test results, medical conditions, and more. We cover a broad range of the industry, offering both the macro and micro level insights. Our services add intelligence to the multitude of biomedical data like Electrocardiography (ECG), Photoplethysmography (PPG), Blood Pressure, Glucose, Body Mass Index (BMI) etc from biomedical devices and historical data of patients.

By combining artificial intelligence integrated business intelligence suites and data visualization tools, our healthcare analytic tools help managers operate to provide real-time information, supporting decisions and delivery of actionable insights. We offer our services in:

  • Health Monitoring

    With Artificial Intelligence as our backbone, our app can measure your ECG, Pulse, Blood Glucose, Fat, Weight etc and analyze them using algorithms to detect health abnormalities. A time-based data graph is used to represent your past measurements, that is computed from the measurements and analysis. View your clinical report within minutes in detailed charts.

  • Wellness Care

    By monitoring your daily activities the wellness care app can determine your wellness and make suggestions to you, assisted by our exclusive AI algorithms. The app monitors your blood pressure, sleep, activity time, walking distance, discomforts etc and notifies if there is anything out of normalcy.

  • Smart Home Technology

    For those elderly or patients at home we have assisted home living connecting smart devices in the home that monitor the person without hindering them, which includes smart sensors and devices. Movement, presence, sound, power, temperature, humidity, water and smoke sensors are linked via a mobile app. In the event of any trouble, mobile alerts will be triggered, and on-call personal assistance can be provided.

  • Fitness Devices

    By integrating artificial intelligence and embedded technology we create adaptive custom devices that can monitor your health-related conditions like pulse, blood pressure, weight, fall etc.