How we work

We listen to you

We begin with an open mind to understand your requirements, scope of project and the necessary 2nd level details that are required for the solution. Your overview will give us clarity and a start on your idea to deliver what you are looking for and more, and add our value to it.


Architecture and Design

Our technical experts develop the architecture to give you a clarity on what will be the target architecture with system level approach and details to meet the requirements and timeline.


Setting goals

We set definite goals to proceed the project from the initial discussions to implementation and execution phase. Functions like teams allocation, assigning tasks, planning, review dates, project analysis etc. are planned out to at a detailed level.


Onboarding Team

Each project for us require the right set of personnel or tools to complete. Our skilled project managers work with you to share the project details to the various teams, while confirming the works assigned, selecting the right tools and onboarding new resources to finish the tasks.


Sprint Planning

A sprint plan is created by the collaborative work of the entire team, team leaders, project managers and product owner to confirm and assign individual tasks for the project. A project backlog is created in this stage where all the activities related to the project are noted, which you can access or view at any given time.



Once the deliverables and other direct outputs are assigned the actual work of the project is executed and the connected teams are updated at regular intervals. Further discussions pertaining to the challenges or changes are done through regular client meetings or cross functional teams.



We design our Qualitative Analysis Services to complement your product or service. Each project goes through multiple QA tests by our skilled testers internally during the project execution and implementation stages. We ensure that your various teams can access data, frameworks, and infrastructure easily.


Cyber Security

Our diverse and talented team provides top notch security for all of our products and services. We help define security strategy, identify threats, deploy the right technology and ensure operational readiness to protect your business from online threats.


Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance & support services are enriched with value to add value to your business beyond cost and quality.


Off Boarding

At this stage we are completely handover the project or service to our client. The various resources, technology and teams that have successfully completed the contract period is passed on to the concerned parties.

*Project to project the above steps may be vary