Edge Computing Solutions

The development of technology has increased the number of connected devices with expanding capabilities, opening the need for real-time decision-making authorities untethered from the latency of cloud computing. This movement of computational capacity out of the cloud to the edge opened up the new sector - edge computing.

Edge computing is not a new concept. Its the result of several trending technologies clubbing together to create a chance for the industrial organizations to turn the voluminous amount of machine-based data into executable data, right at the collection point.

Uvionics Tech has moved one step ahead based solely on the positioning of the edge computing system. We have in fact embedded AI into it that helps our users to monitor, track and improves lifestyle. Instead of pushing all data to servers, burning cloud for computing unnecessary data making the network completely loaded, we locally run the AI for instant insights, while the Cloud is used for the extracting and explaining the history of the insights.

By pushing intelligence and computing power closer to the source of the data we are able to achieve the following.

  • Architect solution and infrastructure for deploying edge-based solutions.
  • Develop and deploy innovative solutions supported with quality efficient edge computing software or hardware.
  • Build AI solution on the edge.
  • Transfer learning onto cloud for history reversing.