Data Economy

Rapid innovation of technology and data accumulation have resulted in expanding and adding newer data sources over the internet. As the market for data expands, finding the best data to fuel your marketing strategies and what are the smartest ways to monetize your valuable data assets matters more. Data Economy is one of our services that ensures a strong data foundation, which is developed and fit with apt architecture and technology and is leveraged to democratize and monetize data.

Uvionics Tech's role in the new Data Economy is to help companies generate, ingest, buy, sell, and share data in a privacy-compliant scenario. Our excellence is in creating a single, unified platform for modern data integration and management across cloud and on-premises environments to place more data to work with an end-to-end market place. The data fabric platform (acquisition, govern, transform and share) that we put forth enables you to coordinate and manage all your enterprise data within a single environment, during the data life cycle, right from production until the consumption. During the life cycle, we help to mobilize data according to the categorical consumer needs such as Business User, Data Engineer, Developer, Data Curator, and Business Analyser.

All of them, in general, require polymorphic data from the same base. To help you in monetizing your data in any trading platform or data markets place, we use:

  • Connects to anything via 150+ connectors and components;
  • Manage data across all environments (multi-cloud and on-premises);
  • Supports batch, real-time and big data use cases;
  • Built-in governance capabilities, machine learning & data quality;
  • Provides full API development lifecycle support, following a predictable, user-based pricing model, with no data tax and no surprises; and
  • Solutions to develop a balance between flexibility and controls, ad-hoc reporting to very sophisticated prescriptive analytics.