Business Analytics Services

Data rules today's super-connected world and today's enterprises need to utilize data both structured, unstructured, or semi-structured related to digital platforms and applications which carry highly critical information to beat the competition. With the rapid growth in the volume of information, Uvionics Tech's business analytics and intelligence services help organization address 'what', 'how', 'why' and 'when' - each of which is decisive questions to time market or time to go live. We offer business analytics services that can connect business, employees, partners, customers and multiple platforms to form an ecosystem that will offer highly value-added functionality, backed by validated data.

We focus more on our customers and deliver results with global delivery platforms, trained resources, and strong technical know-how. Uvionics Tech, as your business analytics service provider, analyzes both of your historical and real-time data to identify opportunities and ensure maximum returns on investments - minimizing errors. We work with you to visualize a world of possibilities with the right business intelligence (BI) help.

We strive to help you significantly improve your business prospects and sustain the best performance throughout.

We make use of advanced business analytics software and tools to apply our skills and knowledge to measure, analyze and benchmark critical areas that can push an enterprise better. We provide support for the complete data-to-value cycle to provide insights into the various aspects of the business.

Know how we offer business intelligence services for your varied business requirements here.

  • Visual Analytics

    We use online dashboards, diagrams, and charts in 2D & 3D, making business analytics information easy and accessible.

  • Predictive Analytics

    We leverages Big Data to build credible scenarios of future events and business decisions.

  • Survey Analytics

    We help you understand your customers, competitors, and markets, in a better way, and stay ahead.

  • Risk Analytics

    Our skilled team help you in planning and mitigating business risks, minimizing vulnerabilities while exploiting opportunities.

  • Retail Analytics

    We help you identify, attract, and retain the most profitable customers to improve your overall ROI.

  • Supply Chain Analytics

    We design services to boost performance and customer satisfaction at the same time minimizing costs in the supply chain.

  • Contact Center Analytics

    We help you discover new niche areas and eliminate problem areas through call center interactions.

  • Collections Analytics

    We refine your accounts receivable strategy to improve your cash flow and financial resilience

  • Financial Analytics

    We define vital financial indicators, models for financial and fiscal improvements for you.

  • Text Analytics

    We make you capable to quantify market and competitor data, turning text into executable insights.