Centre of excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

We help SMEs and Enterprises for AI driven digital transformation.

Our expertise is to focus on providing you an end to end solution starting from Conceptualization, Architecture, Development, Platform setup, Security audit, Go Live, Maintenance and Support irrespective of system to be scaled for Big Data System, AI on cloud, AI on Edge or AI on Chip. We also provide other unique capabilities like infusing AI to make devices Intelligent, Robotic process automation services for CG and FMCG segments using AI techniques like Machine learning, Deep Learning, Adoptive Learning, Transfer learning analytics to generate insights and craft the future strategy. We also transform organizations to be part of the digital entity ensuring security and trust using block chain technologies like Distributed ledger and Smart contract systems.


Preventive care solution specialized in monitoring cardiac abnormalities, diagnosing blood glucose, monitoring oxygen saturation in blood, body temperature, blood pressure, and body weight with artificial intelligence at your convenience.

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